Anti Blemish Face Pack By Arogyam, 50g

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  • Removes black spots from the face.
  • Increases glow and fairness of the skin.
  • Helps to get rid of stubborn blemishes in a natural way.
  • Clarifies and cleanses the skin and enhances the complexion.
  • Helps to get rid of post-pregnancy melasma or blackness on the cheeks.
  • Evens out the complexion.

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Arogyam Anti-blemish Face Pack is an ayurvedic formulation specially blended to control pimples and dark spots for clear and exfoliating skin. It is made with the goodness of Multani mitti which acts as a gentle exfoliating agent that purifies and deep cleanses the skin. The product has added benefits of Chandan, red lentils, chironji seeds, priyangu flower, and orange peel to decrease blemishes & dark spots and refresh skin health with natural radiance and glows. All the feel of these natural ingredients makes the face pack by Arogyam more promising to use.

Key Ingredients

Rakta Chandan: It is known to cure the deformities of the skin. It is also for treating pimples, pigmentation, and lightening acne scars.

Multani Mitti: It is used for detoxifying the skin of its toxins. It helps to bind the qualities of other herbs added to it. This forms a very good consistency for a face pack which tightens the skin and tones it too.

Lal Masoor: Red lentils have active ingredients which remove the free radicals from the skin. Adds nutrition, required local protein to superficial skin cells. It also adds a scrubbing action to our face pack thus reducing the superficial dead skin cells.

Chironji seeds: These are the seeds that naturally oleates and moisturize the skin.

Orange Peel: These dried orange peels add a natural glow by giving vitamin C to the skin on the local level. It balances the excess melanin pigment from the skin.

Priyangu Flower: Priyangu is used for skin problems like acne and pimples, dark shadows, and wrinkle on the face.


1. Is it safe for sensitive skin?

Ans. Yes. But it is recommended to test it on a small area of skin to check if it suits you.

2. Who can use it?

Ans. Anyone above the age of 15years can apply it.

3. How often can I use it?

Ans. Twice a week until the face is clear of acne. Then maybe once or twice a month to maintain the skin quality.

4. Are there any side effects?

Ans. No. It is clinically and dermatologically tested. 100% natural and safe herbal product with no side effects.

How To Use

1. Apply the pack evenly on the face with a finger

2. Let it dry for 20 minutes

3. Wash with warm water while scrubbing it gently