Piles Rakshak Capsules, 60 Capsules

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  • It possesses cooling potency to pacify acidity, piles, heartburn, etc.
  • It can manage traits of piles or hemorrhoids such as bleeding or piles mass.
  • It promotes the healing of the wounded pile mass area.
  • It helps relieve digestion-related problems such as constipation, indigestion, etc.
  • It stimulates efficient digestion and excretion.

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Piles Rakshak Capsules by Arogyam is a formula created to treat piles with ayurvedic formulation created by expert M.D. Ayurveda doctors. It is effective on dry and bleeding piles. The combination of herbs are such that helps reduce the pile mass, softens the hard bowels, reduces constipation. It heals the wound around the pile mass area thus helping the patients with bleeding piles. It is very useful in fistula and internal hemorrhoids. It is an assured solution for piles relation problems.


Key Ingredients

Pipalli: It helps in managing constipation and promotes bowel movements.

Haritki: A useful fruit to cure constipation. Helps in relieving digestive problems.

Neem: Neem leaves of neem flowers are very good for healing the pile mass. It removes the toxins and purifies the blood impurities and aids in the healing of pile mass.

Safeed Jeera: It is rich in minerals, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. Jeera has fiber and carminative properties that aid in digestion and hence soften stools. It helps the food to pass down smoothly into the digestive tract.

Suta Parada: It is used to boost the immune system, to improve digestive problems.

Gandha (Gandhaka): A medicine that loosens the bowel and encourages evacuation which is helpful in the treatment of constipation.

Yavaksara: It is an alkali preparation from the barley plant. It acts as an ayurvedic remedy for treating urinary calculi, difficulty in urination, painful urination, urinary incontinence, abdominal pain, bloating, and ascites.

Chitrak: It is used as carminative, digestive, & useful in hemorrhoids. It has anti-inflammatory, and anti-colic activity.

Also contains  Lauh bhasma, Dantimool, Sunth, Kali mirch, Piplamool, Surankand, Chava, Vachlochan, Tankan bhasma.


1. Does it have added colour, flavours or preservatives added?
Ans. No artificial color, flavors or preservative added, no chemical solvents.

2. Who can take it?
Ans. It can be taken by adult men and women. Pregnant, nursing women or individuals taking any medications, consult the doctor before use.

3. Does it have any side effects?
Ans. No. In case of any side effects, please consult your physician immediately.

How To Use

Take 1 capsule twice a day after meals with a glass of water. Or as prescribed by the physician.