Arogyam is India’s first Ayurvedic Allergy hospital. Arogyam was founded in 1999 with the vision of successful treatments of various allergy diseases with the help of natural herbs.

The head doctors of Arogyam, Dr.Satnam Singh and Dr.Harveen Kaur, who were honoured as V.I.P speakers in the British parliament, have successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from allergy diseases with the use of herbal products.

This great success rate of our head doctors was presented in the form of scientific research papers in the European Academy of Ayurveda Birstein, Germany.

  • Arogyam Ayurvedic Allergy Hospital has a chain of clinics PAN India where patients can visit, consult and get their treatment done.
  • Tele medicine centre where patients can consult with our team of Ayurvedic experts on phone & get herbal remedies at home.
  • Panchakarma centre where Shodhana Chikitsa is performed along with Shamana Chikitsa.
  • Arogyam Institute of Yogic Sciences (Affiliated with Ayush Ministry India)