Elbow Clean Pack By Arogyam

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🌿 Reduces dryness in the elbow.
🌿 Reduces blackness on the elbow.
🌿 Removes dead skin on the elbow.
🌿 Make it elbows soft and supple.

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This product is specially designed to lighten, and soften the elbows and knees. Use to fade discoloration and darken areas around the elbows and knees. Reduces the appearance of darkened areas around the elbows and knees.

1. How often can I use the Elbow Clean Pack?

Ans. For better results, use Kesh Lepam every week for at least 6 months for best results.

2. Does it have any side effects?

Ans. No.

3. Who can use this Elbow Clean Pack?

Ans. Anyone above 15 years of age, can use Arogyam’s Elbow Clean Pack.