Arogyam Kesh Tablets, 30 Tablets

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  • Helps to control hair fall.
  • Helps to reduce dandruff.
  • Greying of hair is reversed and stopped.
  • Effective in All hair problems.
  • 100% natural with no side effects.
  • ISO and GMP certified.

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Arogyam Kesh Tablets is a formula created to treat hair problems with ayurvedic formulation created by expert M.D. Ayurveda doctors. It contains Bhringraj, Yashti Madhu, Shilajeet, Neem, Praval Pishti, etc. that strengthens the roots of the hair and gives layers of protein to the hair shaft. It helps to restore the nutritional deficiencies of the body leading to the problems of hair. This careful composition makes Arogyam Kesh Tablets an ideal solution for treating hair fall, premature greying, and thinning of hair with just one product.

Key Ingredients

Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba): It aid in hair growth, prevents hair fall and premature greying by promoting the scalp to get a sufficient amount of nutrients.

Neem (Azadirachta India): it conditions the scalp, treats hair follicles and head lice, minimizes greying and frizz. It is also a natural anti-microbial agent, hence preventing any infection.

Yashthimadhu (Glycyrrhiza Glabra): It helps soothe the scalp and promotes blood circulation. This stimulates hair growth.

Shilajit (Asphaltum): It makes hair longer, stronger, thicker and shinier with all the micronutrients and vitamins it contains.

Praval Pishti: It can help prevent premature greying of hairs, hair fall, and burning sensation or heat sensation in the skin. It pacifies all three doshas – Vatta, pitta, Kapha.

Kukkutandatvak Bhasma: It is used in the treatment of hair care. It promotes hair growth and delays hair fall.

Saptamrit Lauh: It is basically used for eye and hair diseases. It can be useful for treating and managing hair issues like hair fall, premature greying of hair, dandruff, and other scalp infections.


1. How does it take to see results?

Ans. It takes 6-7 months on average to see an improvement.

2. Are there any side effects for tablets?

Ans. No side effects at all. It is a mix of ayurvedic herbs that cannot lead to any side effects.

3. Are there any chemicals to enhance the quality?

Ans. No. It is a 100% natural and plant-based formulation.

How To Use

Take 1 tablet twice a day after meal with a glass of water. Recommended for a minimum 6 months usage for best results.